Over the past few months we’ve be retooling how we bring volunteers onto our Children’s Ministry Team. Everything from our application, orientation manual, interview questions, and more has been up for grabs. Nothing was off-limits.

I’m really excited about how everything has come out, so I decided to put what we’ve done into this kit for you. I hope it’s something that will be helpful to you and your ministry. Here’s what’s included:

Volunteer Application A simple three-page application with a cover letter. Before our application was 6+ pages. As a result many people didn’t even bother with it. Our new form is much more streamlined. TIP: Give people an application with a clipboard and pen to fill out on the spot. This will up the odds they’ll actually do it and will get them serving quicker. Most people will forget to bring back a pen, but not a clipboard.

Junior Leader Application – For kids who want to serve other kids (grades 1 – 6). Must serve with a parent/guardian.

Orientation Handbook Covers our steps for becoming a volunteer, our vision, programs, serving opportunities, emergency procedures, policies, and more. It’s short, but covers the crux of what volunteers need to know in a way that is simple and effective.

Orientation Schedule A quick overview of how we teach our monthly orientation class.

Orientation Promo Timeline How we promote our orientation opportunities to our congregation on a monthly basis. We can’t over-communicate this enough.

Interview Questions How we conduct potential volunteer interviews. Also includes tips and next steps for redirecting someone who would not be a good fit in our ministry.

Reference Check Questions What we ask an applicant’s references.

Enlistment Checklist Behind the scenes tasks we do in the office such as background checks, who’s following up with each potential volunteer, reference notes, etc. Very helpful in keeping all of us on the same page.

Click on the links above to download each resource.

How do orientations work at your church? Post your ideas (along with any feedback on the materials above) in the comment section below.


11 thoughts on “Free Kidmin Volunteer Orientation Kit

  1. We do training twice a year currently. New people have reference checks (we have set questions & a script), a criminal background check, and an interview. If they come into our ministry in between those training sessions, we just pair them with an experienced worker for three-four weeks as they learn the ropes. We’re only running about 350 people, so we don’t have the volume to have a monthly orientation yet.

  2. Great Resources! Thanks for sharing…I love keeping a collection of manuals and such so I can make sure we learn from the best.

  3. Do you have more information or a link to the Making a Difference DVD? I’d love to show it to my volunteers as well.

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