Last week I gave you the first five steps toward getting a Kids’ Ministry job (you may want to read Part 1 for context to Part 2). Here are the last five:

6. Present yourself well
You can’t be someone you’re not. You shouldn’t even try. People can smell a fake a mile away (especially kids). Here’s some good advice: “To connect with people, be yourself, at your best. That’s something anyone can learn to do.” – Charlie Wetzel

7. Attend and Observe
Once the interview process begins make time to check out where your next job might be in person. Attend a weekend adult worship service. Ask to observe their children’s ministry weekend and mid-week programs. Get a feel for what you may be asked to do and/or change. Be honest with yourself and answer the following questions:

a) Would I go here if I wasn’t being paid?
b) Can I listen to this pastor preach every week?
c) Will my family and I be fed here?
d) Does this church seem like people we want to do life with?
e) Can I picture myself working here in five years?
f) Can I have a vision for the next five years of ministry here?
g) Can I do what they’re asking me to do?
h) How does my spouse feel about this?
i) What do my close friends and mentors think?

8. Talk to insiders
While attending and observing find some people to talk to. Ask for the names of some of the ministry’s key families. Get insights into the church and ministry from a few parents. See if kids are having a good time and are engaged in what’s going on. Ask volunteers what they REALLY think. Talk to other church staffers and ask what they wish was different about the Children’s Ministry. Ask church attenders who aren’t a part of the ministry what their perception of the Children’s Ministry is.

9. Ask questions during the interview
Once they’re done asking questions it’s your turn. Click here for a list of amazing questions to ask before taking any ministry position.

10. Know what you need to live on
At some point in all of the interviewing a church will make you an offer. Never accept right away. Go home and pray about it. Talk to your wife. Figure out if what they offered is what you can live on. If it is, great! You’re in. If not you will need to…

a) Ask for more money (enough to get where you need to be).
b) Downsize your lifestyle for a season.
c) Take a second job to make up the difference.
d) Pass on the offer and keep looking.

None of these options is bad. They key is to be honest with yourself. Know what you need and don’t be afraid to ask for it. If an opportunity doesn’t work out that’s OK. Thank them and quickly move on. Better that than taking a job you’ll only grow to resent latter.

Whether you’re looking for your first job or your next one hang in there. God’s got something great ahead of you. I know the wait is hard; trust me I’ve been there. Don’t settle for the first opportunity that comes your way. Use these ten steps to make sure it’s the best fit for you. You’ll be glad you did.

What other tips do you recommend for someone looking for a job in Kids’ Ministry?


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