Staying on top of what kids are in to isn’t easy. Things are changing quick for us adults. But in some ways they are changing even quicker for kids. If you have children who are around the same age as the kids you minister to, this isn’t as hard. But if your kids are much younger or older it’s only natural that you’re out of the loop.

Knowing what kids are in to can help us leverage what they’re in to to teach them about God and help them get in to His word.

So how can we keep up with what’s going on in culture with kids? Whether you have young kids, old kids, or no kids here are a few ways to stay in the know:

Hang out with kids
I know, I know, you probably would’ve never thought of that on your own, right? Pointing out the obvious is part of my je ne sais quoi. But how many of us actually do it? The best way to find out what kids like is to hang out with them at programs, events, games, and recitals. Ministry doesn’t just happen in an office. It happens where people are.

Ask them what they’re in to
Just by hanging out with kids you’ll learn a lot. But you’ll need to ask questions to go deeper. Ask kids what their favorite shows and movies are, what they like to read, and where they wish their parents would take them more. Then write it down someplace you won’t forget.

Schedule time to watch, read, and go to what they’re watching, reading, and going to
Check it out for yourself. Find out what all the hype is about. Make an appointment each week or month to see what kids have told you they’re into. Use what you find in conversations, messages, games, etc.

Surf the web
There are lots of place on the web to turn to but here are a few of my favorites:

Pass on what you learn to parents and leaders
However you communicate to parents and leaders create space in those pieces to share what you find is going on with kids today. Most are too busy to do the leg work themselves. But they’ll be glad you did.

What’s one way you will be more intentional about staying on top of kid culture?


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