Last week Brent Eldridge, lead pastor over at Lakewood First Baptist, met with our pastors and shared some principles from his new book, Team: Six Essentials for Building a Productive Team. Here’s a few of them that caught my ear:

  1. Sacrifice is an undeniable part of ministry.
  2. Margin is essential. Jesus valued it and so should you.
  3. If you’re not creating margin in your life neither will the people you lead.
  4. Sometimes interruptions are the greatest opportunities to enter into what God is doing.
  5. Compassion is like a muscle: if you don’t use it enough it will atrophy.
  6. God calls us to obey, not to understand. Understanding comes latter (but not always).
  7. Serving others requires us to dig deep.
  8. Ministry works better when we do it with someone else.
  9. We long to belong.
  10. Momentum is the true indicator that the people on your team are working together.
  11. When you’re invested in someone it’s a lot easier to overlook mistakes.
  12. You have to believe the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.
  13. Do whatever it takes to get everyone on the same page.
  14. Give each other the freedom to fail.
  15. Hone the discipline to respect and protect the people you work with.
  16. People will believe in you when you have their best interest in mind.
  17. Pray for people more than you complain about them.

What are some other principles of teams that work?


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