Finding the right job can feel like chasing a rainbow: it’s out there, but you can’t ever seem to actually reach it.

Getting my first Children’s Ministry job was easy. It was at my home church. Getting my second one was tougher because it was on the other side of the country. Getting my current one was hard because the wait felt like forever. It always does though, I guess. I’m so glad I didn’t quit because I can honestly say I’ve got the best job I’ve ever had.

Here are ten vital steps to get a Kids’ Ministry job you’ll love:

1. Pray for God’s direction
This is a “no duh” in church world. I know. But sometimes we overlook it. Sometimes we take for granted God knows everything. He doesn’t really need us to tell Him what’s on our mind. But He wants us to. And He wants to tell us what’s on His mind. Ask for wisdom beyond your years, insight beyond your experiences and senses, and a quiet mind/heart to listen to Him.

2. Know your philosophy of ministry
There are lots of different ways to do Children’s Ministry. What’s yours? Here are seven questions to think about:

a) What do I believe about the purpose and goals of Children’s Ministry?
b) What do I believe about what should be taught in Children’s Ministry?
c) What do I believe about God’s role in Children’s Ministry
d) What do I believe about who should teach in Children’s Ministry?
e) What do I believe about children in Children’s Ministry?
f) What do I believe about how we should teach in Children’s Ministry?
g) What do I believe about the context of programs and events in Children’s Ministry?

Write down your answers to these questions. Make time each year to go over this document and make changes as you grow and change. It will keep you grounded and away from jobs that conflict with how God has gifted and called you.

3. Talk with ministry friends and look online
Honestly, there’s no better way than word of mouth or a recommendation from a friend. It certainly isn’t all about who you know, but having some friends looking out for you or putting in a good word really gives you an advantage.

In addition I also recommend looking online. There are many great ministries just waiting for someone like you. Here are three websites get you started:

4. Do your homework
Check out the church and ministry’s website, Twitter, and Facebook page. Check out what they’ve posted on YouTube. Has your potential boss and/or senior pastor written a book? Read it. Does he have a blog? Subscribe to it. Google them. Do your homework on them because they’ll do their homework on you (be careful what you post).

5. Tweak your resume for each church
Your resume should be unique to each church you apply to. Every church is looking for someone different. Use your resume to highlight your abilities, experiences, and accomplishments that the church will actually care about.

Chances are the position you’re applying for has more than just you as an applicant. Make your resume remarkable. Stand out from the rest. Click herehere, here, and here for examples of what I mean.

I’ve got five more steps to the Children’s Ministry job search I’ll post next week.

In the meantime, what tips do you have for someone looking for a job in Children’s Ministry?


4 thoughts on “How to Get a Kids Ministry Job, Pt. 1

  1. Thanks for the shout out for KidMinJobs, Jeff! We’re the only search firm exclusively committed to children’s & family ministry – would love to hear from anyone looking for their next opportunity. Great ideas here – I might have to borrow them! :0) Look forward to seeing the “next 5”!

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