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There’s a phrase stuck in my head. It’s becoming a reminder to me of what children’s ministry is all about.

As I’ve been trying to fanagle our budget, put together this year’s calendar, and get some headway on our building project (just to name a few things on my to-do list this week), I find myself thinking back to it. It helps me remember why I even got into children’s ministry in the first place.

It’s got nothing to do with buildings or budgets or really cool object lessons, videos, games, or anything like that. Those are all great and can enhance what we’re doing. But they’re not what great children’s ministry is all about.

Want to have a catalytic ministry to kids? Here’s the “secret” formula:

Children + Caring Adults + Christ = World Change

When you can connect kids with an adult who loves God and loves them, Christ WILL show up and their world WILL be changed.

Lots of things are different in children’s ministry since I started out as a volunteer in 1996. We’ve gone from overhead projectors to Power Point to Pro Presenter. But there’s one thing that will never change:

Children + Caring Adults + Christ = World Change

And I’m truly grateful for that.


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