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Just about every children’s ministry I know has some kind of purpose, vision, or mission statement. As I’ve looked at (and written) many over the years, I’ve noticed common themes running through all of them. I think every children’s ministry wants (and needs) to embrace these three purposes:

1. Expose kids to meaningful worship
Each weekend is an opportunity to influence the hearts and minds of kids. We don’t want them to confuse the weekends with what real worship is all about. That is an everyday, wherever-you-go love of God. The more we look at the weekend as a launching pad, the healthier our ministries will become. Guiding kids into meaningful worship is all about sparking in kids interest about Jesus and helping parents follow-up at home.

2. Help them experience meaningful relationships in the church
No amount of cool games, eye-catching videos, or clever object lessons can take the place of real community. When kids can connect with each other and loving adult leaders in a safe and fun environment, it’s a win for everyone. I learned a long time ago you can’t go wrong with this equation:

Children + Caring Adults + Christ = World Change

3. Prepare them to express a meaningful role in their world
Preparing kids to change their worlds for Christ is what children’s ministry is all about. Kids have talents and abilities they can use now to help others and point them to Jesus. Kids aren’t just the future of the church; they’re also the church now. Our job isn’t done when kids know a lot of Bible stories and verses. It’s when they bring the hope and love we’ve shared with them into their everyday lives.

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How does your church expose kids to meaningful worship, help them experience meaningful relationships, and prepare them to express a meaningful role in their world?


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