Last week I came across a great post over at about how one ten-year-old girl is building houses for the homeless in Hati:

Hi my name is Lillia Marble and I’m 10 years old.  You know how sometimes people say kids can’t do much?  Well, that’s not true!  Do you know what I’m dreaming about?  My dream is to help build five houses in Haiti for homeless people.  But I’m not just dreaming about it – I’m doing it too!

About two months ago I started this project and at first I was going to just raise enough money for one house.  But then I thought, I bet I can do even more!  And you know what?  In two months, I’ve already raised $4000!  The houses cost $2500 each to build – so I already have enough for almost two houses.  That’s pretty exciting.

Maybe you’re wondering how I raised all that money so far.  For Halloween and Christmas, I got $1, but instead of spending it on myself, I added it to my Haiti fund.  I thought it was more important to give my money to Haiti then to spend it on short-term stuff I don’t really need. And then all my brothers and sisters did the same thing!

This post (which you can read the rest of here) is a great reminder to me of the following truth: Kids are not just the future of the church, they are the church now. God can use them to do so much more than we give them (and Him) credit for. Sometimes I think us adults need to just get out of their way.

Every kid in your children’s ministry doesn’t need to build 5 houses in Haiti, but what can you do this week to help them learn to serve others and dream bigger?



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