God's Top Ten

1. We help an entire generation realize that God is not boring.

2. We lay the foundation for youth and adult ministries to build on.

3. We keep the Bible clothes and puppet industries in business.

4. We give children a place to belong.

5. We’re the only people who can beat a kid at fooseball without being seen as mean. It becomes a teachable moment about pride.

6. We help parents navigate the minefield that is childhood and adolescence.

7. We help kids like church. When kids like church their parents are more likely to start/keep coming.

8. We show kids what it means to be a real hero by how we live our lives.

9. We keep the church thriving. Most people who become Christians do so before they leave our ministry. If we don’t lead kids to Christ, there’s a good chance that they may never know Him.

10. If we don’t speak up for the kids in our church, who will?

Why do you think Children’s Pastors are important? Post your thoughts in the comment section.



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