Happy Birthday Jesus

Unless it’s a fruitcake, a pair of tube socks (thanks for nothing Grandma!), or something cheesy like that everyone loves to get a free gift at Christmas time. In the spirit of the wise men bringing gifts to the Baby Jesus (gold makes sense for starting a college fund but seriously, what is a baby supposed to do with incense and myrrh?) I’ve attached a cool new Christmas lesson in the freebie section of the blog. Here’s a little bit about what you’ll be getting:

This lesson uses a memorable scene from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, a creative retelling of the Angel Gabriel coming to Mary complete with audience participation, and a captivating object lesson to help the Bible come alive for kids. There’s not a lot of supplies or memorizing that needs to happen to make this lesson work. Feel free to use the whole thing as is or adapt pieces of it for what you are doing this month.

This lesson also works great to spice up any curriculum that you are using. Click on the link below to download it:

Elementary Christmas Lesson

What cool things are you doing in your teaching to help kids understand and celebrate Christmas?



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