There are lots of great websites out there to help you succeed in Children’s Ministry. Here are five that I want to spotlight today that will help you get free curriculum, graphics, plan your services online, get movie reviews for the families in your church, and stay safe while online:

1. has launched a website where you can download their curriculum, graphics, videos, and other resources for free. They’ve got lots of great stuff to offer for your Adult, Student, and Children’s ministry. This is a truckload of free resources from a church that is in trenches with you.

2. A pretty cool website with free links and graphics. It’s not necessarily geared towards Children’s Ministry, but some of the graphics are definitely usable in your setting. We need to have cooler graphics in Children’s Ministry and this is a great place to start.

3. Great tool to help you plan out your services each weekend. It let’s you schedule things out as detailed as you want and post the video/audio elements of your service for everyone to view ahead of time without breaking any copyright laws. We use this all the time and I highly recommend it.

4. PluggedIn.comGives you a review of the latest movies that are coming out that the kids and families in your ministry are going watch. It’s good for you too know so that you can talk about the latest kid culture intelligently. Also cool to pass along to parents to help them choose the right stuff for their kids.

5. This website and software will help parents keep themselves and their kids safe online from inappropriate content. Not a bad idea for your and your staff and volunteers either.

Click here for TONS of other resources for your ministry on my blog.

What websites and services does your Children’s Ministry use? Post them in the comments section below.


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