I don’t know what you’re dealing with today, but I know we’ve all got our struggles. The best way to sort it out is to bring it out into the open, to a safe community and to a savior who loves you with an incalculable love.

His love for you is greater than the weight you’re carrying. His love is brighter than the darkness spans the galaxies and holds the stars in place. His love for you stronger than whatever storm you find yourself in.

The only antidote to the darkness that resides in all of us is love. God’s love and the love of good people. Don’t hide yourself from the very thing that gives life meaning.

I know you’ve been hurt by others in the past. I know you’ve left groups with more scars then when you first walked in. But not everyone is like the ones who hurt you.

You’re worth the risk. You’re worth the struggle. You’re worth the wait and the work. Don’t let anyone – including that voice we all have inside ourselves – tell you different.

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