If you’re struggling with something today – whether it’s depression, anxiety, illness, job loss, grief, addiction, body image, conflict, etc. it does not mean you’re weak, less-than, or not good enough.

The fact that you get out of bed each day and face what you have to face is a sign of how strong you really are.

Nobody is “killing it” all the time. Everyone struggles. Everyone.

You’re going to have bad days. Your going to mess up. Your going to miss the mark. You’re going to be misunderstood.

You’re human. Don’t beat yourself up. Let others help you up. Learn from the struggle, make amends, be kind to yourself and others, rest, and keep moving forward.

It takes courage to face the struggle when your feelings – and the world – tell you to give up or to give in.

REMEMBER: You’re more than your struggle. It’s brave to face the battle.

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