As a kid I looked forward to what Bible Story my Sunday School Teacher would teach us at church. I loved when they shared one of the “big ones.” You know the ones I’m talking about. Where God would do something epic in the narrative of history. Like when he parted the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites, or when Jesus would heal someone of a disease or bring them back to life.

Growing up I was always captivated by these passages, and more than a little jealous of the people who got to experience them. I always wondered if God was still in the “miracle business” or if he had retired.

Have you ever wondered if God still does miracles today?

I don’t mean the kind of miracle where the Sun would stand still, an angel would appear, or God himself would speak audibly (as cool as that would be).

I mean the kind of miracle where God would do something radical in your life, like bringing restoration to a broken relationship, healing you or a loved one from an incurable illness, landing that dream job you’ve been longing for since you were a kid, for your son or daughter to finally kick their addiction, or for you husband or wife to come home.

I believe that God is still in the miracle business. I believe that He still does big things like he did when his followers of old recorded their eye-witness accounts in The Scriptures.

In Mark 11:22-25 Jesus gives us four keys to praying for a miracle in our life. Here they are:

1. Pray in faith. 

“…Have faith in God.” – Mark 11:22 (NLT).

We can’t expect a miracle from God if we don’t have faith in God.

The author of Hebrews wrote, “And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him” (Hebrews 11:6 NLT).

We must depend on God for a miracle.

2. Be specific when your pray.

“I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen…” – Mark 11:23 (NLT)

Don’t pray general prayers like, “God, help me to find a great job” or, “God, please help my friend.” What kind of job do you want God to give you? How do you want God to help your friend?

Rick Warren says, “If you want specific answers to prayer, then make specific requests. If your prayers consist of general requests, how will you know if they’re answered?”

3. Believe you will receive.

“…But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart. I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.” – Mark 11:23-24 (NLT)

We will receive anything we ask for, provided it is in-line with God’s Will. 1 John 5:14 says, “And we are sure of this, that he will listen to us whenever we ask him for anything in line with his will” (TLB).

You won’t get what you ask for, no matter how much you believe, if you ask with the wrong motives. James 4:2 says, “Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it. And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong—you want only what will give you pleasure” (NLT).

4. Forgive those who’ve hurt you.

“But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your sins, too.” – Mark 11:25 (NLT)

God won’t answer our prayers if we’re holding a grudge against someone. We have to forgive those who hurt us and ask forgiveness from those we’ve hurt in order to experience God’s blessings in our life.

“Prayer is not a button to be pushed. It’s a relationship to be pursued.” – Carey Nieuwhof (Click to Tweet)

God wants you to reach out to him, but he doesn’t want you to take him for granted. He’s not a cosmic vending machine. When you’re praying for a miracle, make sure to express love and gratitude to him, whether he provides the miracle you want or not.

Question: What miracle are praying for in your life right now? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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