One of the things I love to do is create resources that help people grow in their relationship with God. Below are some FREE resources I’ve created to help churches guide students and adults in the process of baptism. Feel free to download these materials, change them, and use them in your setting.

1. Baptism ProcessThis document outlines the process I’ve use to help people get baptized in the church. I created it for our church staff so everyone would be on the same page about how baptisms worked and what to say when anyone asked them a question about baptisms.

2. Class MaterialsIncluded in this download are the class notes for the teacher and attendees as well as the slides for the presentation.

3. CorrespondenceIn this download you’ll find sample emails I’ve sent people to give them final instructions about their baptisms, follow-up after their baptism, and how I responded to some inquires about baptism.

4. Baptism FAQThis is a sheet that we handed out at our information table about baptism as well as what we posted on our website where people went to learn about how baptism worked at our church.

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