I had the privilege to guest post last week on No Sidebar about how to overcome the fear of the unknown. Here’s a clip:

For several years my wife and I tried to have kids. When we couldn’t conceive after the first few years we went to several doctors to see what the problem was. They couldn’t find one. So we kept trying, but still couldn’t get pregnant.

Finally, after a lot of tears, discussion, advice, and research we decided to adopt. After a year and a half of classes, paperwork, interviews, and waiting we got the call that every parent who wants to adopt dreams about: we had been placed with a beautiful, three-day old girl.

But there was a problem. While her birth mother had signed off her parental rights, her birth father had not. At the time no one was certain of who her birth father was. Before any adoption of this child could be finalized her birth father had to be discovered and he would have to agree to sign off on his parental rights like her birth mother had.

All of these unknowns didn’t change the fact that this baby needed a home now. Our social worker gave us the night to decide what we wanted to do.

Click here to read the rest.


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