A few weeks ago I came across this post entitled, Dumb and Dumber Recut as an Oscar-Worthy Drama Is a Cinematic Masterpiece.” The people who put it together did a great job at taking the right scenes and setting them music in a way that gives the feel of what Dumb and Dumber might be like as a drama (which is a sentence I never thought I’d write).

The video (which is worth the two minutes to watch) is a great reminder of the power of editing.

Filmmakers know the time they have to tell their story is limited. As hard as it is to cut certain scenes, good directors know that to make their movie truly great they must let those scenes go that don’t enhance and move the overall plot.

Editing the right things out can make the difference between a mediocre movie and a great one. The same is true for our lives.

We’re constantly bombarded by messages, media, and clutter. It’s easy to let things into our lives that don’t add value to our story.

Much like a movie, our time and the spaces in which we live are limited. We can’t have everything we want and we can’t take every opportunity that comes our way. We must learn to edit out the commitments, possessions, and yes, even relationships that aren’t taking us where we want to go.

The more we let into our lives the more confusing and stressful our lives become. As painful as the process of editing is, our story will be better served by leaving some things on the cutting room floor.

What do you need to edit out of your life to move your story forward?

Is there a bunch of clutter in your home that is taking up too much space?

Are you in a relationship with someone who is holding you back that you just can’t seem to break off, even though everyone else in your life can see how it’s hurting you?

Have you committed to so many activities and groups you hardly have the time and energy to give to your family, your dreams, or even yourself?

It’s time to edit these things out of your life.

Decide what you want your story to be about and ask yourself, “Does this relationship, commitment, or possession help to move my story forward is holding me back?”

Keep the elements in your life that are moving your story in the right direction. Leave everything else on the cutting room floor. You’ll be glad you did.


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6 thoughts on “Editing Your Life

  1. Really interesting post and the perspective. Most people think that minimalism is being stingy and the truth is being wise. Letting unworthy things go not only frees the space up (weather it’s physical, digital or mental) but also reduces lots of stress from life. Thanks for sharing the thought!

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