It’s easy to complicate things.

It’s easy to say yes to one more meeting, one more commitment, one more box of stuff in the garage, one more minute to check our phone.

Simple, on the other hand is hard.

It’s hard to get rid of the clutter in our home, say no to one more request for our time, cut expenses so you can get out of debt faster, turn our devices off so we can give our family the time and attention they deserve from us.

It’s hard to prune the excess from our lives. But it is in the pruning that we discover our real lives, hidden underneath all our clutter.

Simple leads to less stress and more peace, less frustration and more happiness, less exhaustion and more energy, less commitments and more community, and less busyness and more meaning.

Many people confuse simple with easy. Simplifying has never been easy. If it were, you would have already done it.

Simple is hard, but worth it.


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