Simplifying your life isn’t always a simple thing to do. In order to focus on what matters most we may need to stop doing some things and get rid of others.

Other times there are some things we need to start doing and some habits and practices we need to add to our lives.

A few years ago I read Today Matters by John Maxwell. The book focuses on twelve practices that Maxwell believes will help you live a great life. He calls these practices his “Daily Dozen.”

I really liked Maxwell’s Daily Dozen, so I wrote twelve questions to help me reflect on each one of them at the end of the day. Here they are:

1. Did I keep a positive attitude today?

2. Did I live according to my priorities today?

3. Did I take good care of myself today?

4. Did I show love to my family today?

5. Did I think about the right things today?

6. Did I keep my commitments today?

7. Did I make responsible financial decisions today?

8. Did I live out my faith today?

9. Did I initiate and invest in the right relationships today?

10. Did I add value to others today?

11. Did I live according to my values today?

12. Did I invest in myself today?

Taking a few minutes at the end of each day to reflect on these questions allows me to evaluate my day to see if I spent it in a meaningful way. These questions have become a filter for how I am living my life. Not only do they help me figure out what things I need to stop doing and let go of; they also help me decide what I need to start doing and add to my life as well.

I hope these questions are helpful to you in your journey to simplify your life and focus on what matters most.

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