Several years ago my wife and I moved from a 1,300 square foot condo to a 2,400 square foot house. What amazed us the most wasn’t how much space we gained but that it cost over $300 less per month than our smallish condo.

At first we thought we hit the jackpot, but as time went on we learned an invaluable truth about living in a bigger place:

A bigger house isn’t always a better house.

We quickly discovered that living in a bigger place meant that there was more to clean and more space for clutter to collect. Our once big, empty house became cluttered with stuff because we felt we had to fill it. As a result we spent a lot more time organizing and cleaning in that house than we ever did in our old condo.

Many times living in a bigger house means spending more time maintaining it and less time enjoying it.

After that place we decided to move into a smaller one. And after that place we moved into an even smaller place. The place that we’re in now seems like a good fit for us, size wise, which may sound odd because our family has now doubled in size since that 2,400 square foot home. We’re embracing the idea that the happiness of a home isn’t determined by how big it is.

Having a smaller place means having a smaller list of things to maintain. It allows us to spend more time and energy doing things besides taking care of our things. And it keeps us from buying a lot of stuff we don’t need.

Don’t focus on buying a bigger house. Focus on building a better home.


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2 thoughts on “A Bigger House Isn’t Always a Better One

  1. This definitely happened to me. I loved moving from a house to an apartment. It feels so freeing to have everything in a manageable amount of space. I also fell victim to trying to fill up space, which I hated. I love the idea of a simple life.

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