Two weeks ago my team and I got to listen to another great webinar from TheRocketCompany.com on how to gain, train, and retain volunteers (by the way if you haven’t checked these guys out yet you are really missing out). Here are some of the highlights:


  • Every church needs a system for recruiting volunteers.
  • Clarify how many positions you have open.


  • Vision alignment.
  • Job clarity.
  • Need to know; need to grow.
  • Tell people what they need to know when they need to know it.


  • Connect people to relationships, not just responsibilities.
  • Whose above them?
  • Whose beside them?
  • Whose under their care?
  • “A new volunteer is a fragile volunteer” – Bill Hybels


  • Support to help volunteers avoid burn out.
  • Less information. More inspiration.
  • Share stories.


  • Move from feelings to facts about your volunteer ministry.
  • Know the numbers.

What tips would you add to theirs?


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