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A few weeks ago my team and I got to watch a great webinar from The Rocket Company called Get More Volunteers. It was filled with great speakers and content to help us gain, train, and retain volunteers. Here are some of the highlights:

Perry Noble

  • Tell volunteers what they do matters and why it matters.
  • Help people do something they enjoy.

Chris Hodges

  • Let volunteers dream with you.
  • A pastor’s job isn’t to do ministry but to prepare people to do ministry.

Derwin Grey

  • Grace produces excellence.
  • Great teams value depth and details.

Wayne Cordeiro

  • Remember to nurture your people and everyone gets nurtured different.
  • Belief enables people to try.

Reggie Joiner

  • People won’t feel significant until you give them something significant to do.
  • The right leaders will bring the right leaders with them.

What does your organization to do attract, care for, and keep volunteers?


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