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Events can be a great way to accent the normal ebb and flow of programs that happen in your ministry throughout the year. If you work at a church chances are you and your team are responsible to pull off a couple of events a year. Everyone in charge of an event wants to make theirs great. Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Know the why behind the what
Before you do anything else you and your team have to clarify what a win for your event looks like and communicate it in a way that’s memorable. If you’re doing an outreach event you’re win might be something like “Building a bridge for the unchurched to start coming to church.” If you’re doing a volunteer push your win might be “Gather people to sign-up and show-up to serve.” Knowing what you’re shooting for will help you plan how to get there.

2. Clarify the who, where, and when
Once you know they why behind the what you can figure out the who, where, and when. Again if it’s an outreach event your who is unchurched people. If you’re trying to gather volunteers your who is probably going to be churched people who aren’t already serving. After you know the who you can schedule a where and when that works best for them.

3. Map out a picture of what the event will look like
Brainstorm with your team what an ideal schedule would look like to help you reach your win. Include when set-up is going to happen, when leaders should arrive, when tear-down begins, and how long your team should plan on being there.

4. Decide who will do what, when
No one person can pull of an amazing event by themselves. Amazing events always have great teams who make them happen. Gather your team and figure out who will do what and when those things should be done by. Write these things out so everyone will remember. Then, as the leader, follow-up with your team to make sure things get done on time and be willing to pitch in when your team needs help.

On Friday I’ll post the next 4 tips. In the meantime, what tips would you add to this list?


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