It’s kind of weird one of the Top 5 commandments in the 10 Commandments is to take a day off. It comes right after not misusing God’s name, and two commandments before not murdering someone.

You might be thinking, “Hey God, that’s great that you want me to take a day off. I’ve got no problem with that. But why in the WORLD would you put it BEFORE murder?! That makes absolutely NO sense.”

But when you stop and think about it, it actually makes great sense:

Living your life at the limit limits how much living you enjoy.

Think about it. When you and I are always on the run from one commitment to the next, looking at screens more than we look at our family, and having to reply to texts every half nano second it’s draining. It limits how much living we enjoy.

We’ve all had run-ins with people who’re just plain too busy.

The littlest thing sets them off.

They have no time to be gracious.

They can’t afford to be flexible when problems come up.

They mostly (or only) talk about work.

They’re never off.

They rarely have fun and are rarely fun to be around.

When we go, go, go all the time we have no time to enjoy life. When we can’t enjoy life, we become irritable. When we become irritable we say and do things we normally wouldn’t. We treat people the way we know we shouldn’t to get what we think we need but miss the thing we really need: rest.

A lot of us are so busy making a living that we fail to make time to enjoy living. There’s a simple solution. God hard-wired it into his Top Ten Rules for humanity:

Sabbath. At least one day a week, make time to rest.

Make time to enjoy the living you’re making a living for.

You’ll be a happier, more productive, and the kind of person other people want to be around.

Click here for 9 ways to get the most from your day off.


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