People think reviving a passion-less marriage is all about counseling, marriage retreats, and reading lots of books by old guys who have great marriages. Those things aren’t bad; they’re just not always needed.

If you work ahead of the game there’s one think you can do that’ll save you money, time, and awkward conversations with strangers. It’s pretty simple, actually:

Do the things you liked to do when you liked to do things together.

Run out of things to talk about? What did you talk about when you felt like you could talk forever?

Bored with some of the couples you hang out with? Who did you liked to hang out with that you felt you couldn’t get enough of?

Fighting a lot? How did you end fights when you first started dating?

Do those things.

Not the immoral, illegal things. But what were the things you used to do that didn’t fall into those categories that you did when you first fell in like and love with each other? Go back to those things.

Sometimes a marriage needs counseling, marriage retreats, and books by old guys who have great marriages. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you act soon enough a lot of relationships can be healed by taking a few steps back.


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