Last week I got the chance to hear from Saddleback’s Chief of Staff, David Chrzan, talk about some of the things they’re doing to move their ministry forward. Since they are one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America right now, I thought it’d be a good idea to take notes. Here’s 16 things Saddleback is doing to grow that anyone can start doing:

1. Pursue clarity without breaking unity.

2. The best Chief of Staffs (COS) are never seen and never heard.

3. COS helps their leader succeed.

4. COS primarily are facilitators, not principles.

5. You either structure for control or growth. You can’t do both.

6. Nail it and scale it: Understand your model and multiply it.

7. Are you part of the revival or are you going to stifle it?

8. Fail fast.

9. Make sure you’re listening to the right people.

10. Are you listening to the people who have something to lose or something to gain?

11. Change can go fast if you want it to.

12. It’s better to invest in the assimilation process than ignore it.

13. Set up now for where you’d like to be later.

14. Dying things can hurt growing things.

15. Work the system to get the results of the system.

16. Whenever you start something new you have to stop something old.


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