Salvation Booklet – This is the book we have our leaders walk through with kids to explain how they can become a Christian. It’s very visual and designed in such a way leaders can read it to kids or with them. It’s written at a level most kids can understand. It’s a great take home for kids whether they accept Christ or not.

Decision Certificate – Once a child accepts Christ we have their leader fill this out for them. It’s a great reminder for the whole family of the commitment their child made that day.

Response Card – Before the family leaves we have them fill this card out. It lets us know who did what and when. Our volunteers turn it in to our staff who follow-up with the family during the week.

Salvation/Baptism Correspondence – Everything we send to families to follow-up their commitments of accepting Christ and getting baptized. It’s got lots of great next steps for parents to do with their kids to help them draw closer to Jesus.

Baptism Class Proposal – The plan I put together for our church staff outlining why we needed this class for kids and how it would work. Great template if you’re thinking of launching something like this at your church. Something like this will help you clearly communicate your vision to your church leadership.

Baptism Class Leader Notes – How we teach kids in a large group setting about salvation and baptism. It’s got object lessons, scriptures, and a supply list of everything you’ll need to pull this off. Ties in really well with the salvation booklet.

Kids Testimony Form – A tool we put together to help kids articulate the story of how and why they became a Christian.


8 thoughts on “7 FREE New Believer Resources for Kids

  1. Thank you so much for these materials. I have been searching some more materials to follow up some new new believers. They are great! Thank you for sharing.

  2. My 9 year old grandson and 9 year old step- grandson have stated they recently accepted Christ (Praise God) – my step grandson attends a church every other Sunday with his father. My grandson doesn’t attend church and has no exposure to the contents of the Bible. What would be the best introduction to Christian/Believer walk, faith, etc. TIA

    1. Hi Dana, so glad to hear your kids have given their life to Jesus. Couple of resources you may want to look at:

      1. The Adventure Bible for Kids. It’s got great insights geared to help kids understand the Bible:

      2. Club House Magazine through Focus on The Family. Each issue teach kids about the Bible in fun and age-appropriate ways:

      3. Parent Cue: Weekly videos that teach kids about God:

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