As I mentioned here my team and I went to the Orange Tour here last week. I attended a great breakout led by social media guru, guiding light, and geek Matt McKee. Here are the highlights:

Regardless of the medium, context is everything.

We have to get past the media and get to the social.

Kindergarteners are learning on iPads, not chalkboards.

The goal of a business isn’t to be good at Facebook, but to be good at business because of Facebook.

98% of text messages are read.

Over 600,000 apps on the app store

Your message needs to be meaningful and 140 characters or less.

Chances are you are going to leave your church in 3-5yrs. Make sure families are more connected to your church then just you.

Facebook is like a lake. Twitter is like a river.

Facebook can suck your time. Schedule your social media time like a meeting so it doesn’t consume you.

Use social media to interact, not just dispense information.

Social media can help your church impact people who will never walk through your doors.

People remember what they experience, not what they hear.

Don’t just send out press releases.

Create worship experiences outside the church walls.

Move past a weekend mentality.

If it doesn’t build into people then don’t build it.

Technology is not the problem. It’s merely the vehicle. What makes it good or bad is the driver.

Facebook has surpassed MySpace is their willingness to change.

Our job as pastors is to meet people where they’re at regardless of the medium.

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