Last week the Orange Tour came to California. My team and I had a blast hanging out and soaking in all the Orange awesomeness. Here are some of the highlights:

Nothing is more important than someone’s relationship with God because everyone will be somewhere forever.

Parents are the biggest influencers in their child’s life, but every child needs more influencers than just their parents.

An Orange Leader is anyone who influences parents and leaders to work together to impact the next generation for Christ.

Every ministry needs a plan of action (strategy) to get people from where they are to where they need to be.

Knowing your end in mind will simplify what you do.

Anyone can kill a program that is dead. It takes true leadership to kill something alive so something more important can thrive.

Showing people you love God is all about loving the people God loves.

You are instinctively drawn to what is supernatural, miraculous, or spiritual.

You don’t need great faith in God but faith in a great God.

Whatever you talk a kid into, one day somebody will talk them out of.

It’s not you who is supposed to be changing a kid. It’s the Holy Spirit.

If you don’t create opportunities for kids to do ministry with you them they probably won’t make time to do ministry without you.

We’re not inviting kids to go to something but to go out and BE something.

When you really see what God is up to in the world, you will be moved to live out a better story.

The average tenure in the US for a Children’s and Student pastor is 2-3 years. Our kids need some adults with staying power.

Many kids don’t believe in God because they haven’t met any Godly adults.

Say less more often so everyone knows what matters. You either teach less for more impact or you teach more for less impact.

All Scripture is equally inspired, but not all Scripture is equally important. All scripture is not equally applicable for every stage of life.

Less of a scope and sequence and more of a scope and cycle.

Relevance is using what is cultural to say what is timeless.

HOW you say what you say is just as important as WHAT you say.

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