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Connecting with other children’s ministry pastors is valuable, but sometimes difficult to do. Thankfully we live and work in a world that is always “plugged in.” Connecting with people from anywhere in the world isn’t the hurdle it was years ago. Here are five ways to connect with other children’s pastors:

1. Call local churches and ask to talk to their children’s ministry leader.
Do a search online of the church’s that are within a realistic driving distance of you, call them, and ask to talk to their children’s ministry leader. Most church websites will probably have this person’s work number and email posted online. Let them know you’d like to connect with them and pick their brain about ministry. The more you do this the more you’ll find you have not only connected with a great group of like-minded leaders, but you’ve made some really good friends along the way.

2. Friend and follow people online.
Chances are that if you’re reading this you’re already well on your way to doing this. That’s great! Keep looking for people by creating lists to help your keep up with children’s ministry trends on Twitter, follow some of the people whom your online friends follow, and subscribe to as many blogs as you can.

3. Comment on the posts you like and pass them on.
As a blogger I LOVE it when people comment on, like, or retweet what I write (hint hint). I’ve got a recurring task on my online to-do list that reminds me to make positive comments on the top 3 children’s ministry posts that I read each day. This helps me to be proactive in making connections with other kids’ pastors. This is important to me. I don’t wait to take the time, I MAKE the time for it each and every day.

4. Establish an online presence and give stuff away.
Now we’ve upped the ante quite a bit. Get on Facebook and Twitter. Regularly update your status (at LEAST once a day) with the appropriate hashtags (#kidmin, #cmconnect, #kidmin360, etc.) so that other kids’ pastors know how to find you. Consider starting your own blog where you post what you’re learning and doing in CM and give away free resources as often as you can.

5. Keep in touch with the people who keep in touch with you.
The longer you’re in children’s ministry the more like-minded people are going to want to connect with you. Of those people some will inevitably stand out more than others. Be intentional about keeping in touch with them, asking for their advice, and depositing encouragement into their lives.

How do you connect with other children’s ministry pastors? Who are some of your favorite CM blogs to read? Who do you recommend to follow on twitter?

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