A few weeks ago Sarah and I had our second-to-last adoption class (you can read more about our adoption journey here). This particular class dealt with how to care for our baby once he/she arrives. It was three hours of swaddling (I’m still not sure what this even is), changing diapers, burping, etc. Sarah found it both helpful and overwhelming. As a guy, I was bored out of my skull. Sorry ladies, I tried. Really I did.

Anyway, about halfway through the presentation the teacher said something that caught my attention. I don’t remember how or why this came up but she used an expression that sent my spidey sense tingling: “Start as you mean to go.” I had never heard this before and wanted to learn more. I quickly pulled out my iPhone at the break and looked it up. What I found was pretty interesting.

After fighting through the proverbial technological cobweb of zero WiFi and terrible 3G coverage (I don’t blame you Apple; I know AT&T is the true criminal) I finally discovered what this phrase means. It’s an old British expression that means you should begin any new enterprise by acting and sounding as if it were already a success.

“That’s interesting,” I said out loud. Yes, sometimes I talk to myself. It’s a bad habit I acquired growing up as an only child. Never mind that now. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

What if I started every day (yes, even Monday) as if it were going to be the most productive day every? What if engaged every person I met that day as if we were going to have truly meaningful interactions? What if I started every project as if I KNEW it was going to be a complete success? Imagine the kind of life, ministry, and career you would obtain by having this kind of approach to living.

So now I’d love to hear from you. What endeavor do you need to start as you mean to go? How can you begin to have this kind of attitude today?



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