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I’m sure there are more than five, but here are the ones that I want to focus on in this season of ministry:

Nurture your soul
Every single day I want to spend time nurturing my soul by spending time with God. While I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that this is the most important thing, sadly it is often times the easiest to neglect. I seem to be able to run on my own power for a short time but my soul yearns for more. Lasting over the long haul requires consistent time to reconnect and refuel with my maker.

Engage in a plan for personal growth
This can be as simple as reading a chapter of a book, listening to a podcast, skimming a few blogs, or spending time with a caring mentor. Like a good exercise routine it’s wise to change-up what you do from day-to-day to stave off boredom. Check out the links page of my blog to help you get started.

Connect with your team
This is definitely a place where a little energy should be spent every day. Recently I changed how I meet with my staff so that we can spend more time together, both on work stuff and fun relational time. If you don’t have a paid team taking a few minutes to send volunteers a text, post something on their Facebook wall, or grabbing coffee or lunch are great ways to stay connected.

Let families know you’re still out there
This would have been really hard to pull off ten years ago, but in today’s world of texting and social media it’s much easier to do. Send out a daily status update to keep parents in the loop, make sure your website is up to date, or send out an encouraging tweet. These are small but powerful ways to show families you care.

Have fun
Take a break! Watch a sitcom and laugh out loud today. Laugh with your kids – maybe play a game at dinner. Let your hair down; it might be just the thing you need to get over the hurdle and help you relax after dealing with a difficult situation.

Question: What habits are helping you thrive in ministry? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “5 Habits That Will Help You Thrive in Ministry

  1. Great post Jeff. I would agree with all of these and add one more – work! I know this is implied, but I’ve seen too many leaders, especially young ones, have a difficult time managing everything. We can get so consumed growing, sharing, connecting, etc. that we put our actual work aside. Work takes discipline, more so than ever with all of today’s distractions. So I would add that to your terrific list, too!
    Thanks for the post!

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