This last year my wife and I began the process of adopting our first child. If you have children of your own it may be hard for you to understand what it is like to want a child but not be able to have one. As we’ve opened up about this to people we’ve been surprised by how many have either struggled with infertility, are considering adopting a child, have a brother or sister that was adopted, or have been adopted themselves.

A few months ago I wrote a post about the event that moved us forward into adoption. When Sarah and I asked ourselves the what if question we knew there was no turning back.

As you get ready to help your family and ministry kick off 2011 here are some what if questions that I hope you’ll think about:

What if our family gave up presents for Christmas this year and did this?

What if I planned a surprise party for someone?

What if I were more intentional about creating memories with my wife and kids?

What if I wrote down one thing that I was thankful for every day this year and kept that list as a reminder for the dark days of 2011?

What if I finally decided to ignore the critics and my own doubts and did that one thing that will take my ministry to the next level?

What if I started blogging?

What if I do whatever it takes to kick that bad habit so that it’s a distant memory by 2012?

What if I did something to make at least one person smile every day this year?

What if we become relentless about getting out of debt?

What if we galvanized our family, friends, ministry, and/or church to do something more about the homeless living in our city?

If you’re lost about where to go this year, ask yourself the what if question. Use the comment section below and jot down some of the what if questions that you’re thinking about. Follow through with at least one of them this week.



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