“I’m not missing out, I’m looking out for myself.”

That’s what I say to myself when I reach for a carrot when what I really want is a cookie. It’s what I tell myself when I get on the floor and play with my kids instead of grabbing my phone and doom scrolling on social media. It’s what I remind myself when I get outside and go for a walk when everything in me just wants to plop down on the couch and binge watch Netflix all day.

Why do I talk to myself like that?

Because I need the reminder that my real life isn’t on a screen or something I can find in the fridge or a store. It’s taking care of myself through healthy eating and exercise. It’s connecting with real people in real life (especially the ones who live under the same roof as me). It’s getting my hands dirty and doing work in the real world instead of scrolling on a screen all day.

It’s a lot harder then I wish it was and there are days when I have to fight against myself to do it, but when I do I’m all the better for it and so are the people around me.

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