I heard this on the Dr John Delony podcast from a few days ago and it really hit home for me.

Sometimes I feel that, when I’m going through a tough season and I’m struggling to get back on my feet again, it’s because I’m not good enough. I’ll often think to myself, “If I had more faith, if I was more disciplined, if I worked hard, if I wasn’t so weak, etc. then this wouldn’t be so hard or I wouldn’t be going through this in the first place.”

But I’m learning that this kind of thinking is toxic and false. Life is just hard and it takes a toll on all of us. We all get hurt, we all struggle, and some days it’s hard to keep going.

If you’re going through one of those seasons right now, know that you’re not alone. Many of the smiles and picture perfect posts you see on social media are not people’s real lives. Real life is scary and hard and exhausting. Nobody goes through this world without any scares.

You are not your divorce. You are not your addiction. You are not your biggest mistake. You are not what others think about you. You are not your job title, bank statement, bills, or how many likes and followers you have.

You are made in the image of God. You are deeply loved by the inventor of time and space. He’s crazy about you. He doesn’t want to hurt you, he wants to be there for you.

Whatever season you’re in, remember that it’s just that: a season. No season lasts forever. You got through the last one. You’ll get through this one, too.

Hang in there. Find people who will hang in there with you. Give yourself and the people around you grave. And always, always, always keep your eyes on Jesus! He’a got power, good plans, and rest for your soul.

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