I’m talking to more people who are questioning their faith and wondering what it means to have faith in God when it seems like the world is falling apart.

What I’ve been learning is my faith isn’t based on what happens with COVID or the capitol, but in what Christ did for me – and for you – on the cross.

I care very much about what’s happening in our world. My heart hurts for over the pain caused by the pandemic, politics, and hate in our culture. I pray every day for healing and for God to help me do my part in the healing process. I think it’s important to grieve our losses and show grace to others and ourselves.

What I keep coming back to again and again is that my hope is not in my circumstances but in Christ; my savior and not my situation. Whatever happens tomorrow, I know Christ is with me today. And that is a hope worth holding on to.

REMEMBER: Faith isn’t about how you feel, but how you follow.

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One thought on “What Is Faith?

  1. Loved your message. It really helped me with all that is happening in our world with COVID-19 and politics.

    Thank you and God bless you!

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