There’s a lot of conversation in the church today about partnering with parents. It’s a big deal to me both as a pastor and as a parent. But sometimes it can be a struggle to know exactly how to go about partnering with parents.

Here are three practical ways your church and ministry can begin to partner with the parents in your community this week:

Affirm Them
Parents usually only hear from their child’s leaders when their child has done something wrong. Train your leaders to catch their kids doing something right and to communicate that to their parents. Send encouraging notes and texts to parents during the week. When a parent informs you of a prayer request don’t just tell them that you’ll pray for them during the week, actually pray with them right then and there.

The more you affirm the parents in your ministry, the better relationship they will have with your ministry. (Tweet That)

Inform Them
A parent’s world is busy. There are school projects to help out with, practices and games to attend, appointments to keep track of, and family obligations to meet. Keep them in the loop through weekly and monthly handouts and emails, social media updates, and keeping your website up-to-date.

Clear, concise, and consistent communication is crucial to partnering with parents. (Tweet That)

Listen to Them
When a parent comes to you with an issue or concern, take it seriously. Follow-up with them as soon as possible or schedule a time to meet with them about it. Consider creating an anonymous survey that parents can fill out to give you input. Ask on social media how your ministry can better serve their family. Meet with key parents (both believers and non-believers) a few times each year to find out how you can partner with them more effectively.

Parents are more likely to listen to you if you will first listen to them. (Tweet That)

Every parent is insecure on some level. Most of us are doing the best we can, but we’re always on the look-out for others who can help us and our kids. When you and your team go out of your way to affirm, inform, and listen to the parents in your ministries you show that you’re just the kind of partners we’ve been looking for.

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