In my last post I talked about 3 Things Every Team Needs From Their Leader. Today I want to flip that around and talk about 3 things every leader needs from their team. Here they are:

As a leader its easy to think that everyone understands everything. A lot of the time that’s not the case. Chances are good you’ve spent more time thinking about the vision, direction and strategy of your team then your team has. You’re the leader. That’s part of your job. Just make sure you give them time to process everything like you’ve already had.

No one person can have all the great ideas all the time (as much as we as leaders sometimes wish/think/act like we do).  Get suggestions from your team on the vision, direction and strategy of your team and they’re part in it. You don’t need to get everyone’s ideas on everything all the time but you should get some of their ideas on some things, some time. I’m not sure who said it first but this is so true: “People buy in to what they have a say in.”

Support your leader like you’d want your team to support you. Don’t leave them hanging out to dry and don’t gossip about them. The more you have their back the more they’ll have yours.

How can you get questions, suggestions and support from your team? How can you give questions, suggestions and support to your leader?


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