Last week Jeremy McGarity, the lead pastor over at Seven San Diego, gave a great talk to our pastors about what he’s been learning about how to make it in ministry. Here are the highlights:

1. It’s not about your comfort; it’s about God’s call on your life.

2. A real friend is hard to find, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep looking.

3. Ministry is a team sport.

4. Being a leader means making the right decision even though it’s the hard decision.

5. Bad staff don’t get better over time by themselves.

6. Ministry is a marathon, not a sprint.

7. Everybody needs a mentor.

8. When you hold on to people too long they can’t do what God has created them to do.

9. Stay true to the Word of God.

10. The effectiveness of your public life is determined by your public life.

11. Have a time, place, and plan for your time with God.

12. The longer you do ministry the harder it is to have relationships with the lost.

13. If I stop learning I stop leading effectively.

14. The only person happy about a church that’s not reaching the lost is the devil.

15. Expect challenges and obstacles. Don’t let them shrink your faith.

16. Stay calm, clean, and committed.

17. There’s nothing on Sunday you can’t fix on Monday.


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