Today I’ll wrap up our series about getting things done. Here are the first two steps in case your missed them:

1. Identify your roles

2. Schedule when and where you’ll do your work

Now for the last two:

3. Leave space for life to happen
In my schedule (see part 2) you’ll notice there’s space in between some appointments and tasks. That’s intentional. I do that because at the end of the day I know life is going to happen and interruptions are inevitable. This space gives me the margin to take care of those things, take a break, stretch, rest, and clear my head.

4. Use the 3 day rule for incoming tasks
On the right of my calendar there’s running list called Inbox. This is my catch-all file for incoming tasks that I get after I’ve made my plan for the week. I keep those there and spend 30 minutes first thing in the morning and 30 minutes at the end of the day going through those and my email inboxes and reply to them.

I don’t keep a task in this inbox longer than 3 days (they’re color-coded so I know how long they’ve been there). If it’s still there on day 3 I do one of the following:

  • Do it.
  • Schedule when and where I’m going to do it.
  • Delegate it to someone else to do.
  • Delete it and not do it.

This helps me keep my tasks from piling up and making me feel guilty about not getting to them.

Working like this has helped me to get things done while pacing myself so I don’t burn out. If you use it I think it will for you too.

What tips and life hacks do you have about time management? Post them in the comment section of this post.


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