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Came across Ron Edmondson’s notes from Andy Stanley’s talk at Catalyst a few weeks ago about surviving our appetite to be known. Here’s a clip from his blog:

We all have an appetite to be known.

Social media proves that. And, it’s an appetite that is never fully satisfied.

You will never have enough friends, followers or fans. The more you get the more you want.

There is no amount of known that will fully satisfy your appetite to be known.

How known is known enough?

The child who says, “Watch this daddy!” over and over again as we watch them jump in the pool.

What if the dad said, “How many “oh that’s great honeys” do you need to be full?”

Then it was the coach, teacher, boy, girl…

Then the boss….

There is no amount of known that will make you fully satisfied.

Applause is intoxicating and intoxicated people don’t make the best decisions.

Yet, to lead you must be known.

You have been called to be known as a leader.

The question is how do we keep that from ruining us?”

Click here to read the rest of his post.

How do you manage the tension of being known to make Him know?


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