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One of my favorite parts about being a pastor is teaching. Doesn’t matter if it’s kids or adults. I LOVE to share with people what I’m learning and how to live life God’s way as taught in the Bible. I’m consistently on the look out for ways to become a better teacher.

A while ago I came across this verse that highlights 3 habits of great teachers:

“Ezra had committed himself to studying the Revelation of God, to living it, and to teaching Israel to live its truths and ways.” – Ezra 7:10 (Msg)

You can read more about Ezra in the book of Ezra (I see what they did there). But here are 3 of his habits in this verse that can help us teachers teach better:

Sometimes as a teacher I forget to study. I’ve been doing this long enough where I’ve taught lots of the Bible and, if I needed to, I could probably get up on stage and teach an OK message. But why settle for OK? God’s Word is one of the few things that will last forever. It’s the only book God wrote for crying out loud! How can we as teachers expect our “students” to study it if we’re not going to make the time to study?

Ezra practiced what he preached. His study wasn’t just academic. I get the sense he had to master it before he would help others master it. I don’t think that means perfection. But it does mean excellence. Live the way you want your audience to live.

Notice this verse doesn’t read, “Teaching Israel ABOUT its truths.” It reads, “Teaching Israel to LIVE its truths and ways.” That subtle difference is HUGE. It’s not just sharing history and information. It’s about showing how to live a lifestyle that reflects the truths and ways of God. And that, ultimately, is what teaching is all about.

* * *

What are some ways you study, live, and teach the Bible?


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