Second only to, “How do I lead my kids to Christ?” this is the question I get most often from parents. It’s a tougher one because, really, it’s a life long process. But there are some steps you should take that are more immediate and will set you and them up for success later. Here they are:

Confirm their decision
Sometimes after you’ve prayed with kids they’re not really sure what they did. Go over the steps with them to make sure they understand the ABCs of sin, Jesus, and making Him the boss of their life. If they’re still not sure, that’s OK. Keep going through the steps I mentioned in the last post. They’ll get there.

Reassure them they can’t lose their salvation
Once someone becomes a Christian it’s easy for them to think they can lose their salvation. Remind them it’s a free gift from God. They didn’t earn it, so they can’t lose it. John 10:28, Romans 8:38-39, and Ephesians 2:8-9 are great scriptures to hit home with your kids.

Talk to them about baptism
The analogy I like to use with baptism is a wedding ring. A wedding ring is an outward symbol of an inward commitment. It shows everyone on the outside what you’ve promised to their husband or wife on the inside. You put it on after you get married, not before.

Same with baptism. It’s not magic waters. It doesn’t wash away your sin. It just shows everyone watching what you’ve already promised to Jesus in your heart. And, like a wedding ring, it’s something you do after, NOT before.

Help them develop spiritual habits
Kids need habits early on so they can start GROWING in their faith. Here are the ones I recommend parents work to build into their kids, one at a time:

  • Going to church
  • Reading God’s Word
  • Offering my prayers to God
  • Watching the friends I choose
  • Inviting my friends to church
  • Noticing the needs of others
  • Giving back to God

Keep Christ at the forefront at home
The best thing any parent can do is to put Christ first at home. Have regular talks with your kids about God, celebrate spiritual milestones (salvation, baptism, serving, GROWING habits, etc.), point out and talk about how God is working, and get connected to a solid church. This will help you help your kids know God better and love Him more.

What would you add to this list?


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