I’ve been working with kids since 1996. When I started it didn’t take much for me to get frustrated at a group who weren’t behaving how I’d have liked them too. 17 years later I rarely have reason to get frustrated anymore.

Want to know my secret? Here it is:

Let your kids act their age, not your age.

This is something a lot of adults miss.

Whether it’s a group of kids at school, church, or home your kids are going to act their age whether you like it or not.

Sometimes as grown-ups our expectations are too high. We expect kids to sit still all the time, never talk out of turn, and always behave. And that’s not realistic.

Think back to when you were a kid. How were you when you were their age? Maybe a little better, maybe a little worse. But the difference probably isn’t as big as you think. Just ask your parents. They’ll tell you.

Don’t stop expecting great things from your kids. Just don’t set the bar TOO high.

Remember how long it took you to get where you are? Give them that chance, too. 


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