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I LOVE using moving clips when I teach. There’s something about the right clip that can really bring the truth of Scripture to life for kids (and adults). But how do you go about finding great clips to use? Here are four ways to discover engaging clips for Kids’ Ministry:

Watch what kids are watching
What movies and TV shows are the kids in your family and ministry talking about? Ask them if you don’t know. Go to the theater (or Netflix) and watch those. Watch them through the lens of what truth this scene could illustrate. Kid movies are based around good and evil, right and wrong. They are chalked FULL of teachable moments.

Re-watch classic movies you liked as a kid
Some movies never go out of style. Chances are there’s a few movies you liked as a kid that your kids have seen and liked. Go back to those. Re-watch them through your eyes when you were a kid and your kids’ eyes now. You’ll be surprised what you missed since you watched it last.

Consult friends and resources
My daughter is only 16 months old, so she’s not watching a lot of movies right now. But my friends kids are. I’ll ask them what they’re kids are in to. I also like to check the Movie Clips For Kids, the Clips app on my iPhone, and

Make a list
Once I’ve found a great clip I jot it down in Evernote. I’ll write the movie title, time index to where it’s at, and tag it with what topics it could be used for. This is great for long-term reference.

Kids love movies. Hollywood has a budget that you and I will never have working at a church. So why not use that to our advantage?


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