A few weeks ago my team and I went to the Children’s Pastors Conference (CPC) in San Diego. It was our first time going. While some speakers were better than others, there were a lot of great take-aways for me while we were there. Here are a few:

“Children’s Ministry is about the King and His Kingdom.”

“Conviction is from God. Condemnation is from the enemy.”

“The Son of God used the Word of God to combat the Enemy of God.”

“Real brokenness is more helpful than fake happiness.”

“Kids know lots of Bible stories but few know how they all fit together.”

“The Bible is NOT a collection of stories to make us better people. The Bible is one story of God’s plan to redeem mankind.”

“Spirituality without transformation is just religion.”

“Kids are the leaders of the church tomorrow, but they’re part of the church today.”

“We’re moving from visual learners to digital learners.”

“When you help a child you are changing the landscape of eternity.”

“People love to use stats to sell books. Dig to find the truth.”

“Sunday School was somebody’s radical idea.”

“You can’t make a difference if you don’t stay in the game.”

“Don’t worry about being the best. Just give your best.”

“Creating margin helps you create the future.”

If you were at CPC Orlando or San Diego what were some of the big things you learned?


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