Caring for people is a HUGE part of our job. As much as we’d like to be Superman there’s no single Kids’ Pastor that can be there for every family all the time. If we’re going to succeed we need help. Moses father-in-law Jethro (he was from the southern part of the desert, in case you were wondering) gave Moses some great advice in Exodus 18 that helps us today with this problem. Here’s how we’re putting this into practice at HDC Kids right now:

Kids’ Pastor Cares for Staff
The buck stops with me. The bulk of my time is spent giving training, leadership, and care to my staff. I make sure we’re a team, that we’re healthy, and we have what we need to succeed. If you’re the lead kids’ worker you may not have a paid staff, but you can still pull core volunteers to help you lead the ministry in key areas (early childhood, elementary, preteen, etc.)

Staff Care for Coaches
I have a group of 8 paid staff (a mix of part and full-time) that I care for. Our staff each have a group of 8 or so volunteer coaches they give leadership tp. They’re job is to make sure their group of coaches function well as a team, are healthy, and have what they need to succeed; like I do for them.

Coaches Care for Leaders
Each of our volunteer coaches have a group of 8 or so volunteer leaders whom they serve, too. These coaches help our small group leaders, ministry team leaders, teachers, and other workers do what they need to do. If any of these leaders need help they go right to their coach. It’s their coaches job to give them the same leadership that they’re getting from their staff lead, who is getting that from me.

Leaders Care for Kids
Our in-the-trenches leaders care for 8 or so kids in small groups and ministry teams. They’re writing notes, at games, recitals, when tragedy strikes, etc. They are the backbone of our ministry.

Our care structure isn’t always this neat and clean, but this is what it looks like in its most ideal form. It’s not meant to separate staff from volunteers or staff from kids. The heart and soul behind it is to help make the work more manageable so everyone can get the care they need without burning anyone out.

What does your ministry’s care structure look like? What are some things you can do to make it even better?


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