Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about some of the DOs and DONTs of Summer Camp (click here and here to check out those posts). This week I wanted to wrap up our Summer Camp discussion by giving away some tools we’ve used to help make camp a BIG success:

Camp Release Form
The camp we go to (Forest Home) has its own set of registration forms each camper and counselor needs to fill out before coming. In addition to those we also use this set of release forms to protect our church from any liability issues that may come up while we’re away at camp. It’s also great for reminding parents about important dates and supplies they’ll need to have ready for their kids.

Counselor Handbook
This is the material we go through with our counselors before camp. It talks through the who, what, where, when, why, and how of camp. We update it year to year to keep the specific details up to date as it relates to camp theme, times, etc. but this is the crux of training we have with our leaders to get them ready for a week at camp.

Balance Due Letter
Every year we always have a few parents that lose track of how much they owe for camp and when it’s due. This is the form letter we sent out to politely remind them of what’s due and when.

Parent Packet
One of the best things we’ve done to make summer camp a positive experience is to have a parent meeting a few weeks before camp. At that meeting we’ll go through the camp’s theme, schedule, what to pack for their kids, and how to help with home-sickness. This has always been a great for families. This handout is the centerpiece of this dialogue.

Follow-up Letter
We just started doing this after this year’s camp. It’s a short letter mailed home to parents a week after getting back from camp. In the letter I review what their kids learned, where they can download pictures and video, and how to keep alive what God did in their kids this summer. It’s too early to tell whether or not parents liked this but it is another way to over-communicate what camp was about, why it’s important, and provide some great (and free) visuals from their child’s week away.

What are some things your church can do to make summer camp a win?


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