If a leader is successful it’s because a lot of people want them to be. Nobody can do it alone.

That’s doesn’t mean they’re the most popular or more people like them that don’t like them. Most of the time the opposite is true. But any leader whose lasted over the long haul and has grown their ministry has done so because of three groups of people.

For your ministry or organization to grow to the next level you need backing from these three groups of people:

Your Boss
Every leader has a lid. Sometimes it’s a blind spot they won’t address. Other times it’s a lack of resources or information. Whatever that lid is your boss is a part of it.

You may have a great boss and the lid for you is like the ceiling of a cathedral. Or you work for the real Michael Scott and your lid is about as high as a Play School playhouse for three-year-olds. Whoever it is, if you’re going to thrive (not just survive), you’ve got to have a good relationship with them. You’ve got to be reading off the same page and moving in the same direction together. If that can’t happen then it may be time for you to leave.

Your Team
Batman had Robin, the Lone Ranger had Tonto, and Superman…well, he worked alone, but he had superpowers so he doesn’t really count. If you’ve got super powers you can skip this part. But if you don’t then you’ve got to build a team who compliments your weaknesses. If you’re all strong in the same areas then there’s a lot that’s not going to get done. Building a cohesive leadership team has to be every leader’s #1 priority.

Your Personal Board of Directors
Separate from your team, your personal board of directors are the people you go to when you need advice. Trusted mentors, leaders who are further down the road then you are who you want here. It’s not a formal gathering like the Super Friends (chances are they won’t want to dawn capes and wear their underwear outside their pants; if they do that should be an automatic deal breaker). More of people you can go to when you need advice or problems.

Enlisting support for yourself can feel self-serving and egotistical. It’s not, so long as what you need the support for is to do meaningful work that helps others. When you want that, when you go after that, you’d be surprised just how many people around you will want to help.

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