I loved becoming a dad for the very first time.

I learned how to lose over 60 lbs and keep it off without starving myself, spending lots of money, or having to step foot in a gym.

I loved being able to buy a great house at a very low price.

I learned there is more paper involved in buying a house and adopting a baby than in 1 complete volume of Encyclopedia Britannica.

I learned that bacon-flavored jelly beans taste about as revolting as they sound.

I loved cancelling our cable and switching to Netflix and Hulu Plus. Not only has it saved us a ton of money but we pretty much get to watch whatever we want, whenever we want.

I loved seeing 28 kids come to Christ this year at High Desert Church and dozens more get baptized.

I learned you can complain about the obesity problem in America all you want but it isn’t going to stop iHop from offering unlimited pancakes for $4.99 or people from making cookies within cookies.

I learned the down economy has had little effect on the vast array of tasteless and unneccessary products infomercials will make available to the public, like this, this, this, this, and this.

I loved seeing kids come up with crazy stuff like…

  • The 10-year-old who told me his whale made of Legos was meant to represent man’s eternal struggle with nature. Art like that is always lost on me.
  • The 4-year-old who said: “If you ever find a green Chicken McNugget, throw it away. Don’t eat it.”
  • This 7-year-old: “After I was bit I got a shot in the butt and the doctor didn’t even give me a cool band-aide.”
  • This 3-year-old girl: “Nobody wants me to take off my shoes because of my stinky feet”

I loved seeing a guy get baptized in his street clothes because he forgot a bathing suit and towel. It was both funny and inspiring at the same time.

I loved having uncrustable sandwiches for lunch. Why aren’t more sandwich companies doing this?

I loved the weird conversations my wife and I have:

Sarah: My Bible doesn’t work anymore.
Me: You mean the app on your phone?
Sarah: Yeah.
Me: Might want to clarify that next time.

Sarah: What’s that?
Me: Miami Vice.
Her: Never heard of it.
Me: It’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore.

Me: I’m taking a chance with this expired milk.
Sarah: I took a chance on you and it turned out OK.
Me: Yeah…not the same thing.

Me: Whatcha reading?
Sarah: Baby Poop: A visual guide.
Me: Oh…
Sarah: Not what you think. It’s a slideshow.
Me: That doesn’t make it OK.

I learned I can not let those who know me least define me the post.

I loved having a Subway with a drive-thru less than 5 minutes away from my house.

I loved this quote from a dad in my adoption class: “Nature may determine the cards you’re dealt, but nurture is how you play the game.”

I loved getting (and using) my very first BBQ – for free!

I learned God gives people influence for one reason: to speak up for those who don’t.

What about you?

What did you learn/love in 2011?

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One thought on “Things I Learned and Loved in 2011

  1. Great Post! Can’t wait to spend some time with you guys! Love you, and even though we don’t get to see you much, you are treasured friends!!!! 🙂

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